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  • AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

    18/01/2019

    The adult industry produces tons of arousing photo and video material, but did you know that pornographers have their own trade exhibitions? The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is entirely devoted to adult entertainment. Every January, this convention and trade show is held in Sin City. Las Vegas, Nevada, brings together thousands of attendees and hundreds of porn studios.

    The event sponsored by the AVN magazine is promoted as “the world’s largest adult extravaganza”. Indeed, it is the biggest pornography industry trade show in the country. It features sexy stage shows, seminars, and even fetish parties. Have you ever dreamt of seeing adult entertainment stars in real life? Here, you may meet all your favorite porn actors. Back in 2007, the Expo had more than 30,000 visitors and 355 exhibiting companies.The 2019 event expects: read more


  • VR Porn with Celebrities: the Next Step of the Technology

    29/12/2018

    No one is surprised that pornography is nowadays is available in the format of virtual reality. To enjoy this fantastic and unique experience, a viewer needs only to choose a VR headset and a resource where to watch a VR movie.

            The action takes place around the viewer. For instance, in case of a male protagonist, after a user puts a VR headset on, he will see a muscled body and hands of an actor. When the action starts, the actress or actresses are interacting with him. An observer is in the middle of the proceedings. In a regular porn film, people say about the fourth wall which creates the feeling of peeping. In VR porn, all the walls and boundaries are eliminated. Thus, sex with a fantastic porn star is no longer a dream. The actresses and actors who are filmed in VR porn movies have got blasting popularity. read more


  • History Of Porn Industry

    09/01/2019

    Today, pornography has been taken to a whole new level thanks to the advancement of VR headsets and sex toys. Today the most search engine queries are: free vr porn download .However, humans have been admiring the beauty of the naked body since the dawn of the civilization. Even the earliest cave drawings often included such suggestive imagery. For example, on the banks of the Danube River, there is a  25,000-year-old rock carving that clearly depicts a woman with exaggerated breasts.

    The art left behind by the ancient Greeks and Romans described the pleasures of straight, gay, and group sex. In Peru, scenes of intercourse were drawn on pottery. Lastly, everyone has at least heard of Kama Sutra? Dating back to 400 BCE or 300 CE, this sex manual is the oldest surviving Hindu text on the subject of erotic love. read more


  • Virtual Porn – Beneficial Effect for Lonely People

    22/02/2019

    Nowadays, technologies have become an essential part of every-day life. Most of them facilitate people’s living. Due to modern appliances, it is possible to cook and clean faster. Due to the quick-speed Internet and smartphones, people may find responses to each question as well as be connected with colleagues and family members across the globe.

    The evolution of technical knowledge is instant. All the related industries implement know-hows of various devices or technologies. It is widely known that the virtual reality content refers not only to gaming. VR porn is one of the most popular Google search requests which have increased by more than 10 000 percent in recent years. read more